Is your child really just a late talker?


CherabIconThe Cherab Foundation is a world-wide nonprofit organization working to improve the communication skills, education, and advocacy of the verbal disabled; all those with speech and language delays or impairments. Our area of emphasis is verbal apraxia, a severe, neurologically-based communication disorder that used to be rare in pediatrics but has been on the rise within the past two decades.

  • Connect

    Our number one priority is helping you find support. Connect with parents and therapy providers using our Facebook public group or join our private discussion group. Connect with us on all social media.

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  • Find Support

    Through our sister site, Speechville Express, find additional resources, product recommendations, and support group information. The site will be undergoing a redesign in 2015.

    Speechville Express, the Cherab Foundation support site for information on Apraxia and other speech language disorders.

  • Nutritional Strategies

    Simple nutritional strategies are being used for many with communication impairments like apraxia. Visit Pursuit of Research to learn more.

    The Pursuit of Research by the Cherab Foundation researches the therapeutic benefits of nutrition for children with verbal and oral Apraxia.

  • Young Adults

    Apraxia is not just a childhood disorder, it affects young adults and adults as well. YADA, or Young Adults Dyspraxia Apraxia Association, aims to connect young adults with Apraxia.

    Young Adults Dyspraxia Apraxia Association on Facebook

We are a group of volunteers working to support parents and therapists better understand neurological-based communication and speech/language disorders.

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